Big Hat Club

Big Hat Club LogoThe Big Hat Club is an honor group within AMBUCS. In order to qualify, a member must recruit three new members in a 12-month period. The club exists to take membership, fundraising and fun to a whole new level.

The Big Hat Club was started by Past National President Charles E. Mitchell during his term at the June 18, 1939, executive board meeting. The idea was to present a shirt to each Ambuc able to recruit at least three new members in a 12-month period. The concept was to create incentive to bringing in new AMBUCS members. The individual who brought in the most new members would receive the “Rabbit Trophy”! Fortunately, at the July 2 meeting it was decided to award a ten-gallon hat instead and recipients would form a Big Hat Club.

These special, fun-loving members are the backbone of AMBUCS and provide leadership in recruiting new members and supporting the AMBUCS mission.

2017 Big Hat Fundraiser – Big Hat Lip Sync Contest!

BigHatLipSyncContest2Any Big Hatter can submit a lip synced music video – featuring you, you and your friends, chapter, BH club, etc. You must be a Big Hatter to submit a video but ANYONE and EVERYONE can vote. It is free to submit, of course.

Video must be a lip synced music video.  It can feature one or many people. It should be 3 minutes or less (Please do not use the whole song for copyright reasons). It must be shot horizontally.

The idea is to be funny, entertaining…and a little crazy would not hurt.  Be creative! Use props, choreography, costumes and/or other ideas to generate excitement. To get some ideas on how far you can go, check out ‘Spike TV Lip Sync Battle’ on YouTube.

Submit your video and this form to the ARC at We cannot alter your submission; it will be posted just as you submit it. If the video is too large to email, you can create a free Dropbox account and share it. Let us know if you need help.

We will create a Crowdrise page for your video. Then everyone will vote for the best video with their dollars! You can send the link to all your friends, family and community connections to generate funds.

The top 3 videos (those with the highest dollars donated) will be played at next year’s National Conference in Missouri. The benefiting chapter designated by the top three lip sync teams/individuals will receive a free Amtryke! That’s some serious icing on the cake of this already ridiculously fun Big Hat contest.



Rick Kerr
National Big Hat President 2016-2017
(580) 284-4741

Visit here to watch all the videos!

Already know which submission you want to vote for? Here’s a quick way to donate. Click on the orange Donate Now box and then use the Select a Team dropdown box at the top to choose which chapter/team/video you are voting for with your donation.


National Big Hat Club Officers

Big Hat Club Guidelines

Big Hat Club Constitution and ByLaws

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