Kerri Can't Wait to Ride...

It's a common misconception that the National Wish List is only for children. However, we feel that everyone deserves to know the fun and freedom that the Amtryke provides. After an accident, Kerri may have lost her ability to walk but she didn't lose her heart. In her former life, Kerri was an ultra-marathoner, rock climber, hiker and equestrian. She is very motivated to improve her condition and to regain even more of her athleticism. Help her goal by giving to her tryke here.

Watch Evan's First Ride

Caution: Evan's cuteness might make you melt. But watching the video is worth the risk! Our friends at the Variety Children's Charity in Southern California helped provide this unforgettable opportunity for little Evan. His mom said, "There are some truly awesome people in this world! Now we have so many more opportunities to get Evan out in the community in ways that allow him to feel like he is part of the rest of the world!"

Help make more memories by helping a waiting rider here.

Thankful Jessica

Writing doesn't come easily for Jessica, but when she finally received her Amtryke, she knew she had to say thank you. She sat at her kitchen table for two hours explaining the pain that comes from having MED and how she developed RND as a result of multiple surgeries. Biking and swimming are the only two sports she's allowed to participate in.

Within her letter she said, "I can go outside with my younger sister Jen–Jen.  I am very grateful for your generosity and the opportunity to get some exercise without too much pain."

2015 AMBUCS National Conference

National Conference Recap

Learn all about what happened during the 2015 AMBUCS National Conference in Biloxi, MS.  See images, read the recap and watch a video of the zaney annual report!

Start on the recap page to access it all!

Creating Mobility & Independence for People with Disabilities

Wait, I’m confused, are you AMBUCS or Amtryke? And those are very strange names, BTW. Yeah, we hear that a lot. When you’ve been around since 1922, you’re bound to pick up lots of ‘character’ along the way.

AMBUCS began life as American Business Clubs, a membership organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. As our model changed to a more standard 501c3 charitable organization, that name no longer described us. So, in 1961, we shortened it to AMBUCS (pronounced AM-BUCKS). It’s weird but so are we, so it fits.

In the mid-1990s we started making and giving away therapeutic tricycles as a national project. Just to keep everyone confused we called both the trykes and the company that makes them, Amtryke. Amtryke, LLC is fully owned by National AMBUCS, Inc.

AMBUCS now has more than 5,000 members in more than 140 chapters in over 30 states. Our members work on a grassroots level to fulfill our mission Creating Mobility & Independence for People with Disabilities. The Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program is one of the main ways we do that. Our members fundraise for and give away about 3,000 Amtrykes each year.

We will bring a trailer-full of trykes & adaptations to you!

While visiting, we can present an In-Service training session for your professional staff and, if you would like, a Bike Evaluation Day where we help you fit your clients to the best riding solution for them. We would love to show you how to bring an effective bike program to your fair city! There is no cost for a Road Show visit but our calendar fills up fast. Learn More >

We Change Lives...

Parents, recipients and therapists have noted that the Amtryke not only provides improved strength, tone and coordination but also confidence and positive peer interaction. Learn More >

Meet Our Kids